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Maple Leaf Tracks will continue with MSTS1 content:

Apr 3, 2009

Since Microsoft has shut down Aces Studios (the group working on MSTS2), Maple Leaf Tracks will continue working on MSTS1 content.  The Soldier Summit Route and Kicking Horse Pass extension to Calgary will be finished and released later this year.  Other projects will be announced as long as interest continues in MSTS1.  

Antivirus Software and MLT Product Installations

Jan 20, 2007

Some antivirus programs including Vista are indicating that the installation routines for Maple Leaf Tracks products have a Trojan Horse and are stopping the installation.  The installation routines look into the computer registry to find the installed location of MSTS.  The antivirus programs see this as virus like activity and name it a generic Trojan horse virus.  Where this is virus like activity, it is not a threat to your computer.  Many software installation routines ask the user to turn off their antivirus programs during the installation for this reason.  If this happens to you, turn off the antivirus program, install the software and turn the antivirus program back on.  The downloads are kept on a secure server at SWREG.  The CDroms are scanned each time a new batch is burned.  Of all the many thousands of products and free downloads from MLT, not one has had an actual virus.  Maple Leaf Tracks does not add any spyware, virus or any additional software to the products and free downloads from this website.  


Andy Hockin, Maple Leaf Tracks

CN Widecab Loco Pack Activity Packs

Please  DO NOT  install these activity packs unless you have the CN Widecab Loco Pack and Specified Route installed.  It will cause an MSTS error.

Download activities for Niagara Corridor here.

Download activities for Michigan Iron Ore here.

Maple Leaf Tracks is an official supplier of MSTS content for Canadian Pacific Railway

Aug 15, 2005

MLT has supplied CPR with official MSTS content for its freeware downloads page from its corporate website.  Check out for more information.

CN SD60F Freeware Release

September 27, 2004

This is a really fascinating locomotive still in use, using the Draper taper technology of its era. Go get it!

Free Stuff

July 20, 2004

You read about the SigView™ technique, now you can apply it to your favorite route. To download it, Go Here.

BNSF Dash 9-44CW Free Download

February 12, 2004

Get it while it's hot! A replacement engine, for the default Dash 9, is now available. This is a highly detailed model with high resolution textures. It is a demonstration of the new and improved quality you will come to expect from MLT in their 2004 product releases. Get it Here!

"Maple Leaf Makes Tracks"

January 28, 2004

We are excited to announce that an article about Maple Leaf Tracks has been featured on the Microsoft® Train Simulator website. If you want some inside scoops on our upcoming product releases, you will definitely want to check out the article.


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