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The Greater Toronto Area (GTAV1.5) is the largest project MLT has built to date.  It started out as the GO Transit Project for Bombardier/TCS.  The GO Project was used to aid in training new GO Transit operators in the winter of 2006/07.  The main focus was accurate trackwork and signaling as well as the necessary signage and interactive objects for the operators to negotiate the route.  The Toronto Metro is the largest and most highly populated urban area in Canada and the GO Transit System is one of the largest commuter rail services in the world. 

MLT's GTA 1.5 was built with additional detail and trackwork.  With over 230 miles of main track on 8 subdivisions, 43 passenger stations, dozens of yards and hundreds of industrial spurs, this route will keep even the most ambitious developer and operator busy.  The GTA is a great companion to the very popular Niagara Corridor and ties in nicely to the recently released Bala Sub.  

The Oakville Sub (Lakeshore West) has been upgraded with some trackwork and platform updates and added detail and scenery depth.  Night cabs are also included for "Bin" users.  There is a free update for GTA V1.1 owners to V1.5 available here.  There is also an equipment update from V1.1 to V1.5 here.  V1.1 is not previously needed if you are purchasing V1.5.

MLT's GTA Route requires the use of  "Xtracks"  to operate as many of its shapes were needed to build the intricate Union Station Rail Corridor.   Xtracks information and download can be found here.

MLT also recommends the use of the MSTS "Bin".  Bin users have features built into the GTA.  MSTS "Bin" information and download can be found here

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$29.00 USD

230 miles of heavy mainline commuter railway, heavy freight, wayfreight and yard operations.
5 highly detailed locomotive types:  GO F59PH, Via F40PHI, CN ES44DC, SD70m-2, GP9RM.
Many highly detailed rail cars including Go Transit Bilevels, Via LRC and various CN freight.
Custom-built bridges and buildings including a breathtaking Toronto skyline.
US&S Searchlight Signaling with SigView™ technology.
Custom Sounds and Cabviews.
20 Challenging activities.
Documentation available here.
Available by download or CDRom.

Additional features included for MSTS "Bin" users.

Here is a testimonial to the GTA.

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSTS V1.2
  • Multimedia Windows XP PC with a 2.0 Ghz equivalent or higher processor
  • 128 MB 3D video hardware acceleration or better
  • 1.0 GB of RAM or higher
  • Windows Vista has been tested with this route but must be operated on a robust gaming system.

***Note: This add-on is very hardware intensive. It is highly recommended that you run it with or exceed the recommended hardware requirements ***

Download Requirements:

  •  A high speed connection is highly recommended for download.


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